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January 13, 2022

We’re just over a week into recreational cannabis sales and one thing’s for sure, rosin products are in high demand. Luckily for folks residing in the Flathead area, they’ll now have a new product line to explore, as Groove partners with Montana-based dispensary, Fruit Factory.

As of today, Fruit Factory’s popular dispensary in Columbia Falls will now be carrying a full suite  of Groove products including Vape Pens, Live Rosin Cartridges, Live Rosin Badder and Flower. Fruit Factory, among other dispensaries throughout the state, have seen a big increase in rosin demand since recreational sales began earlier this month. In particular, many consumers are looking for solventless vape cartridges. Since solventless rosin products are Groove’s specialty, we think Montanan’s will be very happy to test out the new products that Fruit Factory is offering.

If you’re not familiar, Groove’s rosin is extracted using only ice, water, heat and pressure. This solventless process extracts the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes without using chemicals, solvents, gasses, additives, artificial fragrances or fillers, producing products that are 100% pure cannabis. These clean, solventless methods accentuate the flavor, aromas and effects of the underlying plant while staying true to the original plant profile. 

Groove’s Live Rosin Badder is live cold cured, which is attractive to concentrate connoisseurs. Live cold curing rosin creates an even consistency and maintains the integrity of the terpenes & cannabinoids within the rosin.This makes the badder easier to use and maintains the strain specific flavor, aroma and effects. Try it for yourself and you’ll understand!

Groove will have a designated section of the dispensary so customers can easily find and learn about Groove products. To start, the display will feature a suite of Groove products centered around marquee strains including Sundae Driver, Blueberry Muffin, Garlic Cookies, Purple Punch and Cookie Cake.

Through customized growing techniques, tight quality control and terpene-rich, flavor-forward genetics, Groove’s craft, small-batch cultivation team grows premium, high-quality flower that serves as the cornerstone for its operations. Whether customers are looking for flower, rosin cartridges or rosin badder, they can rest assured that each product emulates Groove’s strain focused and solventless approach to cannabis.

If you’re in the Columbia Falls area, drop by Fruit Factory and check it out! They’re located at 207 9th St W, Columbia Falls, MT 59912.

​​Are you interested in adding a full-spectrum, solventless rosin product line to your dispensary offerings? Learn more here.

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