our process

100 percent premium cannabis, no solvents or chemicals

Our clean extraction methods accentuate the flavor, aroma and effects of the individual strain genetics, creating a unique flavor-packed and terpene-rich consumption experience without using chemicals or additives.

terp rich, flavor forward flower

Flavor-forward, terpene-rich premium flower base

Our solventless process only utilizes premium flower exclusively grown in-house by the Groove cultivation team. The cultivation process starts with focused genetics, selecting cannabis strains that have a flavor-forward, terpene-rich flower profile.

its better live

Flash frozen for maximum preservation

Immediately upon harvest, whole buds (no trim) are flash frozen to preserve all the trichomes, terpenes and associated compounds. By flash freezing “live” plant material, we ensure our solventless products include the full-spectrum flavor and effect that the plant has to offer.

extracting the essence

Ice water extraction

The flash-frozen flower is stirred and agitated with purified ice to separate the trichomes from the plant material. Through our proprietary washing and filtration techniques, the groove team performs extraction without using solvents or chemicals.

freeze drying

Freeze drying

Once washed, the mechanically separated material is spooned onto trays that are placed into our cryo-freeze dryers to remove any unwanted moisture. After several days of drying, the separated material is transformed into a high-grade, artisanal hash product.

pressing for perfection

Heat and pressure extraction

Utilizing the latest technology, equipment and techniques, the Groove solventless team deploys proprietary techniques, applying heat and pressure to further extract the key elements that make up our solventless products.

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