Return Policy

*Groove Flagship Stores Only*

The following return policy is only valid for products purchased at Groove dispensary locations. This refund policy does not apply to products purchased from non-Groove dispensaries. If products were purchased from a non-Groove dispensary, please refer to your original point of purchase for refund details.

Groove gladly accepts customer returns within 30 days of purchase.

The following situations are applicable:

  • Customer purchased a certain product, but received a different product.
  • Customer purchased a device that has malfunctioned.
    • Device malfunctions MUST be brought back to place of purchase, verified in person by store clerk, and have at least 1/2 of product left.

Groove reserves the right to deny customer returns on the following items:

  • Items purchased more that 30 days prior
  • Products that have less than 1/2 of the original product remaining
  • Any discolored cartridges where it’s apparent the oil was burnt due to improper usage by the customer.
  • Any raw products or consumables.
    • This consists of Rosin Badder, Pressed Hash, Edibles, Flower, Flower Prerolls, and Infused Prerolls

We reserve the right to refuse to accept returns that do not strictly qualify under the foregoing criteria.  We also reserve the right to refund only a portion of the purchase price, in our sole discretion, for goods with signs of use, opened goods (even if in their original packaging), or items that are damaged or contain missing parts not due to our acts or omissions.  We may provide a partial refund at our discretion upon receiving a product, even if we indicated by email that we would provide a full refund. We may not provide an exchange if we do not carry a replacement item.

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