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Solventless, or ‘Solvent Free’, refers to the cleanest form of cannabis extraction currently known. By using only ice, water, heat and pressure, 100% of Groove Solventless products are extracted without ever touching a chemical.

Same Groove, New Look!

Same top-shelf solventless rosin extracts with a fresh new look and feel.

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Most cannabis derived products are made with butane hash oil (BHO), or other inputs that have been extracted by using unwanted chemicals or solvents. These solvents can destroy the natural compounds, or ‘terpenes’, that make each cannabis strain unique.

By using only ice, water, heat, pressure during the extraction process, solventless products are made without ever touching a chemical. This process preserves the unique terpene profile of each strain, resulting in an end product that is true-to-the-plant, and 100% chemical free.

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Why Groove?

Our clean extraction methods accentuate the flavor, aroma and effects of the individual strain genetics, creating a unique flavor-packed and terpene-rich consumption experience without using chemicals or additives.

Flavorful, Terpene-Rich Genetics

Our solventless process only utilizes premium flower exclusively grown in-house by the Groove cultivation team. The cultivation process starts with focused genetics, selecting cannabis strains that have a flavor-forward, terpene-rich flower profile.

Flower-Like Effects

Groove’s proprietary solventless extraction process careful preserves all natural compounds of the plant, resulting in an effect that is close to flower as you can get.

Convenient Consumption

Groove products are designed for quick and easy consumption so you’ll be ready to hit the trail, the dance floor, or whatever life brings you.

“Since launching in 2021, the Missoula-based brand Groove Solventless has quickly become a ubiquitous name in Montana’s cannabis marketplace. It’s no wonder why: Their solventless vapes—containing whole plant fresh frozen live hash rosin—continuously hit home runs with robust flavor, uncommon genetics and on-point effects.”

What our customers say

Goose, KettleHouse Amp 9/22/23

“Thank you to Groove for their EXCELLENT solventless hash!”


“Amazing vape cartridge. Mellow, smooth, great draw. Tastes and feels like a flower high, not overpowering or sedating. My new go-to for vape cartridges!”


“By far the best cannabis products in town, our go-to dispensary! Highly recommend!”


“Great Prices, Great Flower, Great Staff. Best disposables in town. Discounts for going to concerts. This place has it all.”


“The best shop in Missoula! The disposables will change the way you take in your cannabis!”


“Very knowledgeable. They have some great quality flower. The Rosin is absolutely 🔥
The blueberry muffin is super terpy. Will definitely be going back.”


“Really happy to have a clean, chemical free  option for cartridges. The space is beautiful and the product is top notch. Staff is really friendly and knowledgeable as well.”


“Great selection of premium cannabis, helpful staff and a great atmosphere. The guys helped me find the perfect strains to “find my groove.” Definitely the best solventless concentrate’s in town!”

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