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The premier Missoula dispensary for solventless products.

Address: 132 W Front St. Suite 2, Missoula, MT 59802
Phone: 406-550-3397
Hours: 12pm – 8pm Everyday

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Groove Marijuana Dispensary Missoula

Step into the finest Missoula dispensary, where a warm welcome awaits you! You’ll find us at 132 W Front St Suite 2, perfectly positioned in the heart of Missoula.

When making your way to our premier cannabis dispensary in Missoula, take Interstate 90 until you reach exit 104 for Old U.S. 93 W / N Orange St. Get off there and drive south until you reach W Front Street. Take a left, and you’ll find our Missoula dispensary on the left-hand side just after you pass S. Ryman St. There is convenient access to street parking and a public parking lot located just across from Groove.

Why Choose Groove Solventless’ Missoula Marijuana Dispensary?

Discover Groove, an exceptional cannabis dispensary located in Missoula. Our specialty lies in providing a distinctive selection of cannabis products, with a primary focus on solventless options. But what exactly does “solventless” entail, and why does it hold such significance?

In the realm of cannabis extraction, “solventless” (also known as “Solvent Free”) stands as the pinnacle of purity. Through the exclusive utilization of ice, water, heat, and pressure, the entirety of Groove’s Solventless collection is meticulously crafted without any involvement of chemicals. This commitment to a chemical-free approach ensures that every product maintains an unparalleled level of cleanliness and authenticity.

solventless oil extraction

Why Solventless?

The majority of products derived from cannabis are typically manufactured using butane hash oil (BHO) or other substances extracted through the use of undesired chemicals or solvents. These solvents have the potential to compromise the inherent natural compounds, known as ‘terpenes’, which contribute to the distinctiveness of each cannabis strain.

Through the utilization of solely ice, water, heat, and pressure in the extraction process, solventless items are created without any interaction with chemicals. This meticulous procedure safeguards the distinct terpene composition of every strain, resulting in a final product that authentically represents the original plant and remains completely free from chemicals.

Why Groove?

Through our meticulous extraction techniques, we enhance the flavor, aroma, and effects inherent in each strain’s genetics. This approach results in an exceptional consumption experience that is abundant in unique flavors and terpene richness. Importantly, our methods achieve this without resorting to chemicals or additives.

The Groove Solventless Weed Cartridge product line available at select Montana weed dispensaries

Flavorful, Terpene-Rich Genetics

Our solventless process relies exclusively on premium flower meticulously cultivated in-house by our dedicated Groove cultivation team. Our cultivation approach begins by carefully selecting cannabis strains with distinct flavor profiles and abundant terpenes, ensuring a refined and high-quality product.

Flower-Like Effects

Through Groove’s exclusive solventless extraction process, we delicately safeguard all the natural plant compounds, culminating in an effect that closely mirrors the experience of consuming the flower itself.

Convenient Consumption

Groove products are crafted with convenience in mind, ensuring swift and effortless consumption. This way, you’ll be all set to embark on outdoor adventures, own the dance floor, or embrace whatever life throws your way.

Weed in Missoula: Easy In-Store Pickup

Discover an extensive assortment of exceptional marijuana products at our recreational dispensary in Missoula. Our comprehensive menu showcases top-tier solventless offerings, including indica, sativa, and hybrid flower, concentrates, edibles, vapes, live rosin, hash, and any other cannabis products you might want or need. Looking for something specific? Just ask!

Not sure what you want? Come in and talk to one of our brilliant budtenders! We have something for everyone at our marijuana  dispensary, and our knowledgeable staff members can make a personalized recommendation for you. We have a diverse range of flower strains, solventless vapes and carts, potent concentrates, and tasty edibles (including our new line of solventless hash-rosin gummies). With an abundance of offerings to satisfy your needs and preferences, our helpful employees can easily identify the best cannabis product for you.

At Groove Marijuana Dispensary Missoula, we show our gratitude for veterans every day. Enjoy a special 10% discount on your purchase as a token of appreciation for your service. It’s our way of expressing our sincere thanks for all that you have done.

Groove offers the convenient option to order online now and pickup in-store at a time that works best for you.

Get your Groove on at our Missoula Recreational Dispensary

If you’re a music lover, our Missoula dispensary is a great fit for you. We rest directly atop the renowned Top Hat Restaurant & Bar. If you’re seeking top-quality recreational weed and/or planning to immerse yourself in live music, Groove Solventless is the perfect spot for both. Swing by and grab your weed essentials before enjoying an unforgettable evening of Missoula entertainment!

Planning to attend a concert at KettleHouse Amphitheater or the Wilma? Excellent decision! Get ready for a truly groovy experience. And don’t forget to bring your concert ticket stub with you when you visit us before the show. Present it to our friendly budtender during checkout, and you’ll receive a fantastic 10% discount on your purchase.

When you spend $50 or more at Groove on concert days, we’ve got a special treat for you. You’ll receive a complimentary shuttle ticket that ensures a safe journey to and from the KettleHouse Amphitheater. The shuttle conveniently picks up and drops off right outside our Groove location at the Top Hat patio, situated on the corner of Ryman & Front St. Take advantage of this convenient service and enjoy the peace of mind knowing you have a reliable transportation option for your KettleHouse concert experience.

Local Missoula Attractions

Whether you have plans in town or are in need of some post-activity relaxation, Groove Solventless is the perfect dispensary destination for your Missoula visit. Located conveniently in the vibrant downtown area, our dispensary provides seamless access to an array  of entertainment options.

If you have a passion for outdoor sports, you’ll be thrilled to know that the famous Brennan’s Wave is located just a stone’s throw away. It offers the perfect opportunity to catch some incredible whitewater thrills while enjoying your summer visit to Montana.

The Montana Snowbowl is just a short drive away from our marijuana  dispensary, providing an excellent opportunity to experience the thrill of skiing or snowboarding on pristine slopes in the wintertime. And in the summer, if you’re a mountain biking enthusiast or enjoy scenic hikes, the Snowbowl area offers an abundance of trails and outdoor activities to satisfy your adventurous spirit.

Don’t miss the chance to explore Mount Sentinel, known for its iconic “M” landmark and picturesque hiking routes. Located less than 10 miles from our cannabis dispensary and just east of the University of Montana, it’s a must-visit destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

If you’d rather just sit and relax, we highly recommend checking out The Rhino Bar, a fantastic spot for beer and whiskey enthusiasts to indulge in their favorite libations. Additionally, Caras Park is a vibrant hub where you can picnic, soak up the sun, and even enjoy a delightful carousel ride.

Visit Groove Solventless’ Missoula Weed Dispensary Today!

Look no further than Groove Solventless for all your cannabis needs in Missoula. As the ultimate dispensary, we provide an extensive selection of premium products to cater to your preferences. Discover our specialty strains, renowned for their exceptional purity and potency. Indulge in a tempting array of weed-infused and hash-infused edibles and explore our top-notch solventless cannabis concentrates. We also offer a selection of smoking accessories to enhance your experience.

Whether you prefer the convenience of in-store shopping or the ease of ordering ahead, Groove Solventless is your definitive choice for recreational weed in Missoula. Embark on your cannabis journey by visiting our cannabis dispensary in Missoula today!

Areas our Missoula Weed Dispensary Serves

I’m looking for an East Missoula dispensary, is Groove close?

Our Missoula weed dispensary is just outside of East Missoula! If you’re looking for an East Missoula dispensary, come check us out. We are under 4 miles away.

Is there a Miller Creek Dispensary?

The Groove Missoula weed dispensary is about 5-6 miles outside of Miller Creek. If you’re in the area and looking for a Miller Creek dispensary then head up Interstate 12 and we are just on the other side of the Clark Fork River.

If I am visiting Montana, can I find a weed dispensary in Orchard Homes?

Welcome to Montana! If you are trying to find an Orchard Homes weed dispensary our Missoula weed dispensary is just 3 miles away!

Can I find an Upper Rattlesnake weed dispensary?

Whether you are in the Lower Rattlesnake or Upper Rattlesnake area you are less than 5 miles from our Missoula dispensary!

I’m trying to find a Northside dispensary, how far is the Groove Missoula Dispensary?

Our Missoula weed dispensary isn’t even 2 miles outside of Northside!

Do you sell recreational weed at your dispensary?
We do! Anyone 21+ with a valid ID can shop rec weed. We do also sell medical marijuana, but you do need a medical marijuana card to purchase that.

“Since launching in 2021, the Missoula-based brand Groove Solventless has quickly become a ubiquitous name in Montana’s cannabis marketplace. It’s no wonder why: Their solventless vapes—containing whole plant fresh frozen live hash rosin—continuously hit home runs with robust flavor, uncommon genetics and on-point effects.”

Reviews for Groove Solventless Missoula

Our 5-star customer reviews speak volumes about our commitment to excellence. Take a moment to browse through some of the feedback left by our valued Groove customers on Google and discover why they hold us in such high regard:

What our customers say


This Dispensary is Dope! Weed deals are the best in Missoula. High vibes for sure. Easy stop off the freeway or on your way to a show at The Wilma. Thanks Groove! I’ll be back.


I’ve only tried their Sour Diesel rosin oil cartridge and it is fire. Since I was a new customer and it was my first cartridge they even gave me a free battery, which was pretty cool…Okay I am back, tried bubble hash and flower and both are fire…love this place.”


“Solventless cartridges are fire! They last longer and you don’t have to smoke as often…they gave me a free battery with my first cartridge which was cool…their bubble hash is fire…haven’t tried any other flower yet…”


“One of the best shops around for variety & great prices! The lady helped us find the medicine we needed & was absolutely wonderful”


“Best dispensary in town! Knowledgeable staff, top shelf solventless products, and great strain selection. If you’re looking for high-quality products, Groove is the place to go 🙂


“By far the best cannabis products in town, our go-to dispensary! Highly recommend.”

At Groove Solventless Missoula, we continuously strive to deliver a premium customer experience. Have you visited Groove? We would greatly appreciate it if you could share your thoughts and leave us a review. Your feedback is invaluable to us!

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