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March 30, 2022

No matter how busy, hectic or on-the-go life may be, we all still need a moment to get some peace of mind. That’s why Groove is offering the most convenient, discrete cannabis consumption option available – the SLYM Solventless Live Pressed Rosin Oil Disposable Vape. You can take it with you anywhere, so you can Find Your Groove anytime.

groove disposable vape

The Thinnest, Most Portable Rosin Disposable Vape Pen in Montana

At 6.7mm thin, the thinnest disposable yet to date, CCELL’s SLYM promises uncompromised performance while being extremely portable. This technology paired with Groove’s premium Solventless Live Pressed Rosin Oil, is a match made in cannabis paradise. 

No matter where you are or what you’re doing – you can conveniently enjoy cannabis without sacrificing the flavor-forward, terpene-rich, flowerlike effects that Groove’s rosin offers. It’s perfect for the mountain slopes, a float down the Blackfoot, a backpacking trip, groovin’ to some live music, a walk downtown… you get the picture.

groove disposable vape

Quality Convenience

The ultra thin, ultra compact pen is stylish, convenient and made to fit just about anywhere. It features a contour-cut mouthpiece insulated on a smooth metallic matte finish. As you inhale, you’ll notice the LED light automatically activate so you know you’re about to get a fresh breath of your favorite strain.

The pen is precisely engineered to replace conventional wick-based coils. In order to deliver the most flavorful vapor and largest clouds for various viscosity, the cartridge features the revolutionary CCELL ceramic heating element. Its disposable design promises zero maintenance, no leakage and high hygienic standard.

Convenient consumption meets big flavor and powerful, pure effects – that’s what the  SLYM Solventless Live Pressed Rosin Disposable Vape delivers.

What Strains are Available in the Live Rosin Disposable Pen?

All you have to do is decide what strain you want to pair with your day. Do you want an active (sativa), balanced (hybrid) or relaxed (indica) strain? Currently, you can find strains including Bruce Banner, Sour Diesel, Logjam, and Watermelon Zkittlez. Purple Punch, Orange Creamsicle, Gorilla Glue, and Blueberry Muffin will also be available soon and maybe even a few more!

Where can you find the SLYM Solventless Live Pressed Rosin Disposable Vape?

Starting Friday, April 1st, Groove’s disposable SLYM pen will be available in Missoula at the Groove showroom downtown with additional retail outlets throughout the state coming on board soon. Groove will be hosting a special First Friday art show on April 1st from 5pm-8pm, which will be the perfect time to grab your new disposable pen! Learn more about the First Friday art show here.

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