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May 19, 2022

As Groove further develops its industry leading solventless hash product lines, we’re excited to bring you our next small-batch release introducing three new product lines – Groove Jam, Diamond Donut w/ Sauce and a celebratory Hash-Infused Pre-Roll three-pack.

Specifically, this small-batch will debut terpy Purple Punch & Garlic Cookies Jam, a potent Garlic Cookies Diamond Donut with Blueberry Muffin Sauce, and Sour Diesel Flower Pre-rolls Infused with Garlic Cookies Solventless Hash. Not sure what we’re talking about? No worries. We’ll explain.


What is Jam?

Rosin jam is a form of concentrate in which bubble hash is pressed and then heated until the micro crystals of THCa separate from the high-terp part of the rosin, creating a jammy consistency that has chunks of crystals throughout. In other words, it’s a more viscous (& terpy) version of our popular rosin concentrates. Groove’s live rosin jam is  cured for just the right time and temperature, ensuring consistent quality to bring out the natural terpene and flavor profile.

What are Diamond Donuts with Sauce?

Just like Groove’s rosin badder and jam, diamonds are created using only ice, heat and pressure — but less heat and more pressure is applied for longer periods of time. This process removes all other compounds from the hash, resulting in nothing but pure THCa crystals. The THCa crystals are then melted and molded into fun donut shapes, and in this case, are then  covered in a terpy Blueberry Muffin rosin sauce to bring out the full-spectrum, flower-like effects that we all know and love. Testing out at 98.75% THC, this product is not for the faint of heart. 

What are Infused Pre-Rolls?

Most cannabis consumers are familiar with joints or pre-made joints a.k.a. “pre-rolls”. However, infused pre-rolls take it one step further by infusing hash with the flower before it is rolled. Groove’s infused pre-rolls consist of its pure premium flower (no trim or shake) combined with Groove’s signature Garlic Cookies solventless bubble hash. The combined ingredients are packed into a high-end, organic tendu palm leaf wrap. Prior to rolling, the tendu leaves are toasted, removing chlorophyll and other plant components to create a smooth and subtle taste. The wrap contains no glue or chemicals, and is one of the highest quality natural options on the market. 

Staying true to Groove’s 100% solventless philosophy, Groove’s Jam, Diamonds and Hash are free from any added chemicals. Each product comes from premium, live cannabis flower and the natural power of water, ice, heat & pressure.  You can learn more about Groove’s solventless process here.

When and where can you buy Groove’s Jam, Diamond Donuts, and Infused Pre-Rolls?

These products will be released at the Groove Solventless flagship store in Downtown Missoula above the Top Hat at 5pm on Friday, May 20th.

Again, these are small-batches of each product, so if you want to try them, please grab them sooner than later. Items can be ordered online, and in person at our flagship location in Missoula.

As we continue to develop our solventless line, more small-batches will be released in the coming weeks.

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