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August 4, 2022

Quick Rip: Groove’s releasing four new 3-packs of hash-infused pre-rolls. Each 3-pack features Gorilla Glue flower paired with one of the following bubble hashes: Bruce Banner, Watermelon Zkittlez, Garlic Cookies, or Purple Punch. These will be available starting at 12pm this Friday, August 5th from Groove’s flagship dispensary above the Top Hat in downtown Missoula. Learn all about it below.

Take your joint smoking experience to the next level and let us do the hard work! Groove is delighted to offer you a new series of infused pre-rolls that pairs the tried and true Gorilla Glue flower with one of four types of premium bubble hash including Bruce Banner, Watermelon Zkittlez, Garlic Cookies, and Purple Punch. 

Infused pre-rolls give you the best of both worlds because they offer the convenience and portability of regular pre–rolls and combine that with the potent and celebratory appeal of premium bubble hash.

best pre-rolls in Missoula

These fun hash & flower combinations allow you to choose your own adventure with the strains that fit your needs. For instance, if you’re looking for a more active experience (maybe you’re going huckleberry picking), go for the Gorilla Glue Flower w/ Bruce Banner Hash. Cozying up for a relaxing movie night at home? Try the Gorilla Glue Flower w/ Purple Punch or Garlic Cookies. 

You just have to decide what you’re in the mood for. Can’t make up your mind? We won’t blame you if you want to try them all 🙂

If you’ve never tried our infused pre-rolls, you’re in for a good time! Our infused pre-rolls are NOT an afterthought. We use only our best indoor-grown flower – all buds, no shake or trim – and our solventless bubble hash is strain-specific, flavor-forward, and terpene rich. Not to mention, we use a toasted tendu palm leaf for the paper/wrap, which is one of the most natural options available. 

On Sale This Friday (Aug. 5th) at 12pm

The new infused pre-rolls will be available at Groove’s flagship store in Missoula at 12pm on Friday, Aug 5th. Limited supply available, so scoop Missoula’s best pre-rolls while you can!

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