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March 9, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Groove Solventless has partnered with High Road Edibles to offer a new line of fully solventless, strain-specific 10mg hash gummies! Join the Groove Text/Email list and stay tuned for the official flavor drops & release dates!

This partnership is a collaboration between two trusted Montana brands, both dedicated to producing cannabis products that meet the highest standards of quality and efficacy.

high road edibles

High Road Edibles is a leading producer of cannabis-infused edibles, known for its full spectrum products and chef-driven flavors. The company has been featured in leading publications like High Times and Weedmaps, and its products are trusted by consumers across Montana.

Over the past 14 months, Groove Solventless has become one of Montana’s leading producers of clean, solventless, high-quality, natural cannabis extracts. Using only ice, water, heat and pressure, Groove’s extracts provide a strain-specific, true-to-the-plant experience. We’ve built a reputation for producing some of the purest and most potent rosin products on the market and are excited to bring Montana something different.

“We’re beyond excited to partner with Groove! Their commitment to clean, solventless cannabis extracts is second to none, and we knew we had to team up to bring something truly special to Montana. Our expertise in crafting delicious, effective edibles combined with Groove’s passion for producing high-quality rosin extracts is a match made in culinary cannabis heaven. We can’t wait to share our new line of rosin cannabis edibles with Montana!” – Ben Miller, High Road Edibles Chef & COO

This partnership represents the first of its kind in Montana, and more importantly, it’s the first product of its type in the market. The new line of solvent free 10mg rosin gummy edibles are made with high-quality, single-source, single-strain, whole-plant-flash-frozen, solventless hash oil – providing users with full-spectrum effects like never before.

Most cannabis edibles on the market are made using butane hash oil (BHO), or other methods of extraction using solvents. Groove x High Road edibles feature solventless rosin oil (SRO). By using nothing but high-quality source material, and only ice, water, heat & pressure during the extraction process, SRO is free from any solvents and results in an end product that is as close to a flower experience as you can get.

To the casual consumer, these are the most convenient, effective and tastiest gummies available – and clean as can be. To the hash nerd, you’ll be happy to know that these really are a first-of-its-kind, truly single-source, whole-plant-flash-frozen (WPFF), live rosin gummy experience. It doesn’t get much better! At least for now 🙂

Whether it’s our rosin oil cartridges, disposables, pressed hash, infused pre-rolls or any of our other products – Groove is committed to providing the best rosin cannabis products available in Montana. Now, with the help of High Road, we’re excited to offer Montanans the best edibles.

So you’re probably wondering when, where and how you can try these gummies for yourself. All that information and more is coming soon. 

Join the Groove Solventless Text/Email list and stay tuned for the official flavor drops & release dates!

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