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April 13, 2023

Have you ever dreamed of playing your favorite video game on the big screen at the Wilma? Or having the historical  theater to yourself to puff your herbs and watch your favorite movie with your friends? Or maybe you’re still hoping to score tickets to sold out shows coming up? Now’s your chance! 

One day to celebrate 420 just isn’t enough, so here at Groove we’re going to be celebrating all week long! We have some amazing raffles, special mix & match deals, new strain drops, and we’ll even be open longer on the holiday so you can take advantage of everything going on. Here’s what you have to look forward to!

“Find Your Groove” Experience Raffle

We partnered with our friends at Logjam Presents to give you a chance to win one of many special experiences. Starting on April 17th, every purchase over $50 at Groove will enter you to win one of the following.

1. A private evening at The Wilma for you and up to 9 friends! Valued at $3000.

If you win, you can enjoy your favorite movie on the big screen or bring your gaming console to play on one of the biggest screens and sound systems in all of Missoula. We also spoke with The Wilma crew, and confirmed there will be no smoking restrictions, so you can keep it Groovy the whole time you’re there. This exclusive experience alone is worth $3000!

2. Two pit tickets to one of the following shows at KettleHouse Amphitheater…most of which are SOLD OUT! Valued at $150+

And in case you missed it, we’re also giving one lucky winner a FREE Desert Proxy ($300 value)! Details on that can be found HERE

The winners will be chosen and contacted after the doors close on 4/20.

Mix & Match Deal

We’re bringing you the best solventless deals in all of Montana! On 4/20 proper, if you Buy two of any one product, like Cartridges, Disposables or Infused PreRolls, we’ll give you a matching Garlic Cookies product for FREE.

In other words, you can buy any two carts, and you’ll get a free Garlic Cookies Cart. If you buy any two disposables, you’ll get a free Garlic Cookie Disposable, and if you buy any two 3-packs of infused pre-rolls, you’ll get a free pack of Pakistani Chitral Kush Flower x Garlic Cookies Hash infused Prerolls! 

And don’t forget, every purchase over $50 also gets an entry into the “Find Your Groove” Experience Raffle. It’s a win-win-win!

New Strain Drops

Also on 4/20, we want you to try something you’ve never had before, so we’re dropping a brand new strain! 

Frosted Cheeks is a premium indica-dominant strain with an impressive genetic makeup of Freezerburn (MAC1 x (Super Lemon Dawg x Miracle)) x Big Buns (GG4 x Big MAC). Its flavor profile is characterized by creamy, earthy, and gassy notes, creating an irresistible taste experience. This strain is renowned for its relaxing and focusing effects, which soothe both body and mind. Its indica dominance ensures a deep and calming sensation that can help to relieve stress and anxiety. Whether you’re going to float the river or diving into a good book, Frosted Cheeks is an excellent choice.

This is a limited time strain and is only available while supplies last, so grab it while you can!

420 Block Party at Caras

Swing down to 420 Fest in Caras Park and say hi to us and our partners at High Road Edibles! We might even have the big dice out so you can win some free swag. If you know, you know!

That covers everything! So What are you waiting for? Happy 420 and we’ll see you soon!

Opening Early!

The Groove store in Downtown Missoula will be open at  9am on 4/20 so you can get your holiday shopping done a little earlier in case you have other festivities to attend to 🙂

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