OtherOther (Active)Groove x High Road Edibles Featured in Leafly’s “Yummiest THC gummies of summer 2023”

August 3, 2023
High Road Edibles
High Road Edibles
High Road Edibles

We’re thrilled to see that our Solventless Hash Infused Gummy Edibles, created in collaboration with High Road Edibles, have been featured in Leafly’s “Yummiest THC gummies of summer 2023”! Here’s a few things they had to say.

• “I truly believe a solventless-based gummy just hits different, and leaves you better than how it found you.”
• “Each flavor—watermelon, passion fruit, mango—is matched to a specific strain, which include classic Sour Diesel and the more modern Sundae Driver.”
• “They dosed them at 10 mg each, perfect for a long hike or sharing at the top of a canyon.”

You can read the full Leafly article here. If you haven’t been able to get your hands on Groove’s gummies yet, don’t worry.

They’ll be coming to a store near you soon. Stay tuned!

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