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February 2, 2024

Quick Rip: Groove is offering three new strains: Swampwater Fumez, Honey Banana, and Papaya. You can find these strains available in live rosin cartridges and/or badder while supplies last at Groove’s marijuana dispensaries in Missoula (as of Feb. 2nd) and Whitefish (as of Feb. 3rd). Learn more below.

We want to help you start February with a bang, so we’re thrilled to introduce not one, not two, but THREE new strains: Swampwater Fumez, Honey Banana, and Papaya.. Whether you’re looking for some tropical relaxation, a slow but potent onset, or an energizing sensation, one of these new strains should do the trick!


Set sail to an island destination of relaxation with Papaya, an indica-dominant strain that transports you to the tropics. Born from {Mango #33 x Afghani #1} and Strawberry Guava, Papaya provides an array of fruity notes, creamy smoothness, and a sweet aftertaste. 

This strain offers a swift, heavy headband high, inducing full-body relaxation and spontaneous laughter — perfect for a laid-back movie night or perhaps a Super Bowl party with the homies.

Take a tropical vacation wherever you are with its fruity flavors, tropical vibes and relaxing euphoria.

Honey Banana


Prepare for a sensory journey with Honey Banana, a hybrid sativa crafted from the fusion of Strawberry Banana and Honey Boo Boo. (Remember her?) This delightful blend delivers a burst of bold banana notes, a refreshing exhale, and a lingering vanilla sweetness. 

Ideal for social settings, Honey Banana offers a rapid and potent headband high. Instilling an uplifting mood and heightened energy, it could pair nicely with a concert at your favorite Montana venue or a night downtown. Or, if you’re looking to be extra productive, you could even partake before you clean your house!

Swampwater Fumez

Baked Bananas Badder

Discover this hidden gem among indicas – Swampwater Fumez, an overall relaxing strain bred from OGKB 2.1 and Candy Fumez. Don’t let the name scare you. This strain is a connoisseur’s delight with bold gassy flavors, musky undertones, and a sweet finish. 

Unwind in a state of serene relaxation as this high gently creeps in, offering both a body high and uplifting sensation. Ideal for creative pursuits or leisurely activities, Swampwater Fumez delivers a rich, full bodied experience. Let the creeping high guide you to the activity of your choice.

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