black maple


black maple benefits

focus, melt, social


black maple notes

musky, sweet, spicy


limonene, pinene, caryophyllene

lineage: grape cream cake, sherbanger


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Black Maple

A balanced hybrid resulting from the cross between Grape Cream Cake and Sherbanger, Black Maple captivates with a spicy tingle that teases the nose and a musky-sweet flavor profile that leaves a delightful, lingering sweetness in the mouth. Its effects seamlessly blend heightened focus, a soothing relaxation, and a delightful melt that eases both body and mind, making it ideal for both productive tasks and social engagements. Dive into the world of Black Maple for a stimulating and sociable experience that sparks creativity and conversation. Whether you’re looking to create, connect, or chill, Black Maple offers a multifaceted cannabis experience.

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