groove bubble hash

Cold-Cured Pressed Hash

Premium Solventless Live Bubble Hash
Hand-Pressed, Cold-Cured
Natural Terpenes and Flavor Profile
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Introducing Groove’s Solventless Cold-Cured Pressed Hash

Groove’s cold-cured pressed hash is a pure cannabis concentrate comprising trichomes that have been separated from the cannabis plant using only ice water extraction, filtration and freeze drying. Once extracted, the trichomes are then hand molded into a brick and slow-cured to perfection in a carefully controlled environment which produces high-grade solventless cold-cured pressed hash. To consume, break the hash ball apart and sprinkle onto a bowl of your favorite Groove flower, or roll into a joint or blunt.

*Dabbing this product is not recommended. It is very resinous and does not perform well as a dab concentrate.

* Available strains will vary. Check back frequently for strain updates, or join the Groove text/newsletter list to receive updates when new products become available near you!

See HERE for product test results

Groove’s Solventless Cold-Cured Pressed Hash is available at the Groove showroom in downtown Missoula, online, and at select Groove partner locations. Contact your nearest dispensary for availability.

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