frosted cheeks


garlic cookies benefits

relax, focus, social


garlic cookie notes

creamy, earthy, gassy


caryophyllene, limonene, humulene

lineage: freezerburn (mac1 x (super lemon dawg x miracle)) x big buns (gg4 x big mac)


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Frosted Cheeks

Frosted Cheeks is a popular indica-dominant strain with genetics from Freezerburn (MAC1 x (Super Lemon Dawg x Miracle)) x Big Buns (GG4 x Big MAC). It has a delicious creamy, earthy, and gassy flavor. Despite being indica-dominant, Frosted Cheeks can leave you feeling alert and social without being couch-locked. This strain induces a calming sensation while enhancing focus and concentration. Whether you’re going on a hike in the mountains or diving into a nice book, Frosted Cheeks is an excellent choice.

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Frosted Cheeks is available at the Groove showroom in downtown Missoula and available at a store near you. Please check online menus or call your local store for availability.

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