garlic fumez


relief, relax, social


sweet, fresh, gassy


myrcene, limonene, caryophyllene

lineage: gmo rootbeer x candy fumez


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Garlic Fumez

Garlic Fumez, is an indica dominant strain derived from the renowned lineage of GMO Rootbeer and Candy Fumez. This strain boasts a harmonious combination of sweetness, reminiscent of your favorite candy treats and the delightful gassy undertone of the beloved GMO Rootbeer. This hybrid delights the senses with its sweet, fresh aromas and hints of gas. Beyond its sweet notes, Garlic Fumez offers therapeutic benefits that bring relief, relaxation, and a touch of social uplift. Garlic Fumez sets the perfect atmosphere for a relaxed and enjoyable evening, whether you’re gathering with friends for a delightful session of board games or snuggling up for a cozy movie night.

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