Guava Cream


guava cream

uplift, social, focus


guava cream

berry, creamy, sweet


caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene

lineage: guava’z 62, grape cream cake


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Guava Cream

Guava Cream is a new and exciting strain created by crossing Guava’z 62 with Grape Cream Cake. With parents like that, it’s no wonder it offers an abundance of sweet fruity flavors like berries and cream.  It hits quickly, causing an uplifting body buzz, but will also have you buzzing about your peers, as this strain is great for increased sociability. You can enjoy this strain while you take care of some chores before inviting your friends over for a backyard kick back. What more could you ask for?

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Recent Test Results

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Guava Cream is available at the Groove showroom in downtown Missoula and available at a store near you. Please check online menus or call your local store for availability.

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