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Now available with new ultra-thin rice paper wraps for maximum flavor!

Bubble Hash Infused Pre-Roll

Flower Infused with Live Solventless Bubble Hash
Rolled in a High-End Tendu Palm Leaf
No Glue, Chemical-Free
Highest Quality Natural Option on the Market
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Introducing Groove Solventless Infused Prerolls

Find your Groove with the best infused Preroll Montana has to offer.  At Groove Solventless, we’re in the business of making the best cannabis products you can find. We’re crafting a revolution in your smoking experience. Our commitment to quality, purity, and potency sets us apart, and our infused preroll line is a testament to our dedication.

Solventless Hash-Infused pre rolls made by Groove Solventless available at select Montana marijuana dispensaries

Why Choose Groove Solventless Infused Preroll?

Our infused preroll starts with the highest quality premium cannabis flower that is grown by the Groove team. We believe that by using quality cannabis nugs you’ll have a superior product. That is why you won’t find any trim or shake in our infused preroll! We  then combine our premium flower  with our 5-star solventless bubble hash to make for one flavorful and hard hitting infused preroll. This commitment to quality ensures a consistently rich and flavorful smoking experience with every infused preroll. 

After that the flower and hash is  packed into a high-end, organic tendu palm leaf wrap. The wrap contains no glue or chemicals, and is one of the highest-quality natural options on the market. 

  1. High Quality Flower
  2. Solventless Bubble Hash
  3. Rolled in a High-End Tendu Palm Leaf
  4. No Glue, Chemical-Free
  5. Highest Quality Natural Option on the Market

• Elevated Potency with Infused Preroll

Our infusion process takes the smoking experience to a whole new level. By carefully selecting the strains and infusing them with solventless bubble hash, we’re able to deliver a potent and aromatic experience that’s second to none.

• Groove Infused Preroll Crafted with Care

Each preroll is handcrafted with care and precision. Our skilled artisans take pride in their work, ensuring that every preroll is a work of art, perfectly rolled and ready to ignite your senses.

• A Flavorful Journey

Prepare for a flavor explosion with every inhale. Our solventless rosin infusion enhances the natural terpene profile of the nugs, delivering a complex and delightful flavor palette that’s truly exceptional.

Choose Your Adventure

Whether you’re seeking relaxation, inspiration, or simply a delightful escape, Groove Solventless Infused Preroll have a variety of strains to suit your mood and preference. Explore our diverse selection and find your perfect groove.

Experience the Groove Difference

At Groove Solventless, we don’t just create Preroll; we craft moments of joy, connection, and relaxation. Our Infused Preroll are a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, purity, and the pursuit of the perfect smoke. Join us in the pursuit of the ultimate smoking experience – one that’s filled with flavor, potency, and pure satisfaction.

Groove Infused Preroll Product Line

Currently our infused preroll line comes in two different options. The single-infused preroll comes in a clear glass container with a resealable cap so you can easily take it with you wherever you’d like. Our preroll multipack comes with 3 infused Preroll in a small box making it the perfect choice for longer adventures especially if friends are coming with to find their Groove too!

Solventless Hash-Infused pre rolls made by Groove Solventless available at select Montana marijuana dispensaries

Find Your Groove

You can find our Groove infused Preroll at both of our Montana cannabis dispensary locations in Whitefish and Missoula.

Outside of our own dispensaries you can also find them with our exclusive partners here.

Three Pack Solventless Hash-Infused pre rolls made by Groove Solventless available at select Montana marijuana dispensaries

Introducing Groove’s Three Pack Solventless Hash Infused Pre-Rolls

Most cannabis consumers are familiar with joints or pre-made joints a.k.a. “pre-rolls”. However, infused pre-rolls take it one step further by infusing hash with the flower before it is rolled. Groove’s infused pre-rolls consist of its top-shelf, premium indoor flower (no trim or shake) combined with Groove’s signature solventless bubble hash. The combined ingredients are then rolled in an ultra-thin rice paper that allows the true flavor of the flower and hash to shine. Whether you’re on the go, at home, or on the mountain — Groove’s infused pre roll 3-packs are the perfect opening act for your next adventure.

* Available strains will vary. Check back frequently for strain updates, or join the Groove text/newsletter list to receive updates when new products become available near you!

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Groove’s Infused Pre-Rolls are available at the Groove showroom in downtown Missoula, online, and at select Groove partner locations. Contact your nearest dispensary for availability.

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