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Live Rosin Vape Cartridge

Premium Solventless Live Rosin Oil
Whole-Plant-Flash-Frozen Live Rosin
Flavor-Forward, Terpene-Rich
Powerful, Flower-Like Effects
Convenient Consumption
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Introducing Groove’s Solventless Live Rosin Vape Cartridges

At Groove Solventless, we’re on a mission to redefine your cannabis vape experience. Say goodbye to ordinary distillate cartridges and step into the world of live rosin. Discover the superior quality, unmatched flavor, and unparalleled purity that sets live rosin apart from the rest.

Through customized growing techniques, tight quality control and terpene-rich, flavor-forward genetics, Groove’s craft, small-batch cultivation team grows premium, high-quality cannabis  flower that serves as the cornerstone for its rosin cartridges.

Our Process

Groove’s rosin is extracted using only ice, water, heat and pressure. This solventless process extracts the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes without using chemicals, solvents, gasses, additives, artificial fragrances or fillers, producing rosin that’s 100% pure cannabis. Groove’s rosin cartridges accentuate the flavor, aromas and effects of the underlying plant while staying true to the original plant profile.

What is Live Rosin?

Live Rosin is the purest, most authentic expression of cannabis extract available. Crafted with precision and care, it captures the essence of the cannabis plant in its most natural form. But what makes Live Rosin so special?

• What is a Live Rosin Cartridge?

Now that we know what live rosin is itself, let’s talk about live rosin cartridges. Also known as hash-rosin cartridges, a live rosin vape cartridge is similar to other types of cannabis cartridges in the sense that the cannabis oil is a small glass container with a mouth piece that connects to a battery.  Unlike disposable cartridges, the batteries (sold separately) used for rosin vape carts are multi-use. Once the hash rosin is gone, you will simply unscrew it from the battery and discard the empty rosin vape cartridge.

• Unrivaled Freshness

Live Rosin is made from freshly harvested, frozen cannabis flowers, preserving the plant’s terpenes and cannabinoids at their peak. This ensures an explosion of flavor with every hit, something distillate simply can’t match. By preserving the cannabis plants terpenes and cannabinoids you can expect a high true to the strain.

Best Rosin Cartridges

At Groove Solventless, we make sure to choose the best cannabis strains and test them regularly to ensure they are up to our high standards. Because of that, we are confident in saying we have the best Montana rosin cartridges on the market.

• Live Rosin Cartridges VS Regular Cartridges

Unlike distillate, Live Rosin is solventless. It’s extracted using a gentle heat and pressure process, leaving no room for harmful chemicals or additives. When using our Groove live rosin cartridges you don’t have to worry about unwanted substances. That is why people choose rosin cartridges over your everyday weed vape pen. You can taste the difference with each hit and the effects are unmatched.

• The Terpene Treasure

Live Rosin is renowned for its rich terpene profiles. These natural compounds are responsible for the distinctive aroma and taste of different strains. They also factor into the overall high you will get. When you choose Live Rosin, you’re in for a sensory adventure that distillate can only dream of offering.

• A Potency You Can Trust

Live Rosin may have a lower THC content than distillate, but that doesn’t mean it lacks potency. Its full spectrum of cannabinoids, including cannabinoids like CBD and CBG, ensures a balanced and powerful high, complemented by a smoother experience. Anyone who smokes high quality cannabis will tell you that live rosin is the best cannabis concentrate to consume.

Why Choose Groove Solventless Live Rosin Cartridges?

At Groove Solventless, we’re committed to elevating your vaping journey. Our Live Rosin Cartridges are a testament to our dedication to quality and purity. Here’s why you should make the switch:

  1. Craftsmanship You Can Taste: Each rosin cartridge is carefully crafted with live rosin from premium, hand-selected cannabis strains. Our extraction process guarantees an unrivaled flavor experience that distillate simply can’t match.
  2. Purity is Our Promise: We take pride in our solventless extraction method, ensuring that our Live Rosin Cartridges contain no additives, fillers, or harmful chemicals. What you inhale is 100% pure cannabis goodness.
  3. Consistency, Every Time: Our commitment to quality means you can rely on us for a consistent, high-quality vaping experience. Say goodbye to the variability that often comes with cannabis distillate cartridges.

• Join the Live Rosin Revolution

It’s time to elevate your vaping game. Say goodbye to weed distillate’s compromises and experience the true essence of cannabis with Groove Solventless Live Rosin Cartridges. Unlock a world of flavor, purity, and potency like never before.

Don’t settle for ordinary weed. Choose extraordinary. Choose Groove Solventless Live Rosin Cartridges. Experience the Difference.

Shop Groove’s Solventless Rosin Carts

If you are looking for a live rosin vape cart then stop by one of our two Groove Cannabis Dispensary locations serving the Montana marijuana community.

Whitefish: Our Whitefish marijuana dispensary is located at: 130 Lupfer Ave. Whitefish, MT 59937

Missoula: Our Missoula marijuana dispensary is located at: 132 West Front St. Missoula, MT 59802

Find Your Groove

You can find our Groove infused Preroll at both of our Montana cannabis dispensary locations in Whitefish and Missoula. Outside of our own dispensaries you can also find them with our exclusive partners here.

* Available strains will vary. Check back frequently for strain updates, or join the Groove text/newsletter list to receive updates when new products become available near you!

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Groove’s Live Rosin Vape Cartridges are available at the Groove showroom in downtown Missoula, online, and at select Groove partner locations. Contact your nearest dispensary for availability.

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