maple drip


euphoria, relax, happy


fresh, creamy, sweet


caryophyllene, limonene, humulene

lineage: og kush breath 2.1 x black maple


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Maple Drip

Maple Drip, a perfectly crafted 50/50 Hybrid, is an exceptional strain that combines the best qualities of its parent strains, OGKB 2.1 and Black Maple. Upon inhalation, a sense of freshness and brightness greets the senses, creating an invigorating experience. The creamy texture and full-bodied nature of this strain make each inhale a truly satisfying moment. Upon exhale, a remarkably sweet aftertaste lingers, reminiscent of the delectable sweetness of Maple. As the effects take hold, users can expect to be embraced by a euphoric state, accompanied by a profound sense of relaxation. Maple Drip effortlessly instills a profound happiness, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a moment of pure bliss.

What our customers say

“Sweet but not too sweet, with nice finishing notes. Euphoric high with a mellow mood enhancing effect. Nicely balanced. Really enjoyed the taste. Then again really love maple doughnuts … definitely be dabs some of this for breakfast!”

“I’ve tried countless strains, but none have impressed me quite like Maple Drip in rosin oil. The combination of freshness and creaminess upon inhalation is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. And that sweet aftertaste that lingers on the palate? Pure Bliss!”

“Maple Drip in rosin oil is a game-changer! The notes of freshness and creaminess make the inhale so delightful, and the sweet aftertaste is like a treat for the senses.”

“Wow, just wow! Maple Drip is the strain I never knew I needed in my life. The taste of maple sweetness combined with the creamy texture is a match made in heaven. And the effects are just as amazing! I felt a sense of euphoria and relaxation that melted away all my worries. Maple Drip is now my go-to strain whenever I want to unwind and feel truly relaxed.”

“The blend of terpenes in this strain is on point, and the balance between relaxation and euphoria is just perfect. Highly recommended!”

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