Pheno-Hunting the Best Strains In Montana

We’ve been hunting! But not the usual type of hunting that you think of in Montana. We’re talking about pheno-hunting. This is the process of selecting a cannabis phenotype by which cultivators (that’s us) germinate several seeds from the same strain in order to uncover the one version of that strain that produces the most desired characteristics.  In other words, it’s the process we take to ensure we’re bringing you the very best of the best. 


What are these characteristics?

It depends who you ask, but for our cultivation and solventless extraction teams, we’re looking for the phenos that produce world-class hash, and hash-based products (like the oil that is in our cartridges and disposable pens). Groove considers several factors in our phenotype selection, including:

  • How successfully a seed germinates
  • How well a given phenotype clones (the process of cutting growth off a mature plant to create new plants)
  • The manner in which the plant flowers, with an emphasis on aroma, bud structure and bud yield
  • How well the flower (once frozen) washes in our solventless process — considering quality, yield, smell and effects.
  • How well the final product tests as it relates to terpene and THC levels

Some of this may sound foreign to you, but the last three bullet points above are what you’re probably most interested in. To make amazing rosin products, we need cannabis plants that are aroma-rich,  flavor-forward, and test high with respect to terpene levels and THC.

The pheno hunting process is an ongoing effort at Groove.  At any given time, the Groove Team will be  hunting 5-10 new strains (at various stages of the process)  to add to our genetic library.  Our end goal is to establish 20-25 strains that produce the best possible products.

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