strawberry eclair

strawberry eclair


strawberry eclair benefits

uplift, energize, euphoria


strawberry eclair notes

gassy, creamy, vanilla


limonene, caryophyllene, myrcene

lineage: strawberry diesel cookies, ice cream cake


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Strawberry Eclair

A slightly sativa leaning strain, Strawberry Eclair comes from the crossing of Strawberry Diesel Cookies and Ice Cream Cake. The latter lends itself to Strawberry Eclair’s sweet, gassy flavor profile while the former exudes creamy, vanilla tinged notes. Prevalent terpenes include limonene & caryophyllene which are known to uplift one’s mood, reduce anxiety and relax the mind while keeping you off the couch. We consider this an active strain – one that goes well with a summer float down the river or a night of live music at KettleHouse Amphitheater.

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Strawberry Eclair is available at the Groove showroom in downtown Missoula and available at a store near you. Please check online menus or call your local store for availability.

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