white burgundy


white burgundy benefits

relax, uplift, relief


white burgundy notes

creamy, earthy, spicy


caryophyllene, limonene, linalool

lineage: daily grape, white truffle


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White Burgundy

White Burgundy, a finely balanced 50/50 hybrid born from the union of Daily Grape and White Truffle, unfolds with an exceptionally creamy taste—remarkably mild yet full-bodied, leaving a thick sensation on the palate. Delicate earthy undertones gracefully accompany the experience, leading to a subtly spicy finish. The effects of White Burgundy speak to its well-crafted lineage, inducing an immediate and relaxing body high that imparts a sensation of weightlessness to both body and mind. Notably, this strain offers a clear-headed high with a leisurely onset, making it ideal for communal enjoyment without the fear of overwhelming intensity. Enhance your White Burgundy journey by unwinding at the iconic Caras Park, enjoying a tranquil evening by the river while partaking in this strain’s subtle flavor and relaxing effects.

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