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June 9, 2022

Missoula, get ready for an extra Groovy weekend! The extraction team has a whole laundry list of new solventless products just for you. And we’re restocking the ones you already know and love.

Fresh Drops: Available Friday, June 10, 2022

Pressed Bubble Hash (ALL NEW):
Ice Cream Man
OG Kush

Infused PreRolls:
Girl Scout Cookies Flower x Sour Diesel Bubble Hash (New!)

Bruce Banner (New!)

Sour Diesel (New!)

Sour Diesel
Sundae Driver (Restock)

Sour Diesel (Restock)

Bubble Hash: The Cornerstone of Groove Solventless is Now Available

Before we can make our rosin cartridges, disposables, diamonds or jam, we make artisanal bubble hash of the highest quality. Now, Groove is very happy to offer just that – Hand-Pressed, Cold Cured Bubble Hash.
What’s Bubble Hash?

At its core, Groove’s bubble hash is a pure cannabis concentrate comprising trichomes that have been separated from the cannabis plant using only ice water extraction, filtration and freeze drying. Once extracted, the trichomes are hand molded into a brick and slow-cured to perfection in a carefully controlled environment which produces high-grade solventless bubble hash. 


To consume, break the hash brick apart and sprinkle onto a bowl of your favorite Groove flower, or roll into a joint or blunt. *Dabbing this product is not recommended. If you’ve tried our Infused Pre-Rolls, you’re already familiar with the potent effects of Groove’s bubble hash, but this standalone product takes things one step further and gives you a uniquely pleasant experience. With three strains currently available in our Bubble Hash – Ice Cream Man, OG Kush, and Runtz – you’ll have to try them all to see what you like best!

Other Fresh Products

More Infused Pre-Rolls
The new Infused Pre-Rolls feature an interesting mix of Girl Scout Cookies Flower (hybrid) and Sour Diesel Bubble Hash (sativa). This blend makes for a beautifully balanced effect. Check out the test results to learn more.

New Live Rosin Disposables
The live rosin disposables vape cartridges have quickly become one of Groove’s most popular products. We’re happy to offer two new strains to enjoy – Runtz (test results) and Bruce Banner (test results). And for the connoisseur’s out there, you may notice the Bruce Banner terpenes came in at over 9.5%, lending itself to some big flavor.

Get Toasted with New Jam
Our first batch of Live Rosin Jam went quickly but we’re back with our best version yet. This Sour Diesel batch tested at 85.38% Total THC and has optimal consistency. This is just a small, limited run, so grab it while you can.

Restocks: Live Rosin Cartridges and Flower
You can’t go wrong with Runtz and Sour Diesel Flower! Runtz is a mild and balancing hybrid with gorgeous, purple highlighted buds (test results). As for Sour Diesel… what needs to be said? It’s a universally loved sativa with creative and energizing effects (test results). 

Lastly, but certainly not the least, we restocked two Live Rosin CartridgesSour Diesel and Sundae Driver. A go-to hybrid for many, Sundae Driver is the perfect choice for a euphoric, cerebral, and anxiety-free high – perfect for a light hike or a stroll along the Clark Fork.

To summarize: You have options! Find Your Groove however you please 🙂

Where can you find Montana’s Best Solventless Live Rosin Products?
Everything above is available at Groove’s flagship store located above the Top Hat in downtown Missoula. And if you’re not in Missoula, a large bunch of new products will be distributed to our partner dispensaries early next week. 

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