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July 5, 2022

At A Glance: Celebrate Oil Day this Sunday (July 10th) with Groove as we drop three exciting new strains! Free strain-art stickers will be given to the first 100 customers, and everyone who participates in the Tasting Team will be entered to win strain art posters, and other cool prizes! Learn more below.

Oil Day is quickly approaching, and Groove wants to celebrate with you! If you don’t know, Oil Day is a holiday for cannabis enthusiasts, particularly for connoisseurs who enjoy solventless rosin oil, rosin badder, bubble hash, etc. The date of the holiday is July 10th or 7/10, which, when turned upside down, spells O-I-L. Yeah, it’s definitely a stoner holiday, but one that we fully embrace and hope that you will too!

Three New Strains

To celebrate, Groove Solventless is going big and dropping not one, not two, but three new strains: Lemon Drip, Honey Bunny, and Grape Cream Cake!
  • Lemon Drip is an active, gassy, citrus laced sativa strain that comes from Lemon Tree crossed with Grease Monkey.
  • Honey Bunny, a balancing hybrid strain, is the child of Honey Banana and Tropicana Cookies, so it’s no wonder it has overt flavors of coconut, sweet banana and clover-esque honey.
  • Grape Cream Cake is the offspring of Ice Cream Cake x Grape Pie Wedding Crasher. It’s a relaxing indica strain with strong grape and creamy vanilla terps.

These strains have been carefully pheno-hunted to ensure some of the best concentrates available in Montana. But we want you to be the judge of that.

That’s why we’re asking you to join our Tasting Team, a group of Groove’s most loyal customers who give their honest feedback about new strains and products. Simply put, when you try a new product (or one of the three strains here), we’re asking you to review it by letting us know your thoughts on the taste, smell, how it makes you feel, what you love, and what you think needs improvement.

strain art oil day

The first 100 patrons who come through the door on Oil Day will receive a special strain art sticker, and should you purchase one of the new strains, you’ll be highly encouraged to be part of Groove’s Tasting Team. There will be a simple QR code for you to scan, which will take you to a form where you can easily give us feedback about the new strains.


As an added incentive for giving us your 2 cents, we’ll be randomly selecting a Tasting Team participant to win Strain Art Posters and Groove to the Music Koozies.

And don’t worry, Groove will still be offering all our other products on Oil Day, so there’s plenty of reasons to stop by the shop to grab all your holiday supplies. You can check out our current menu here.

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