Product FeaturesCelebrate 406 Day with Discounted Live Rosin Carts, Badder, and More

April 4, 2023

Quick Rip: Celebrate 406 Day with Groove’s discounted products, including Live Rosin Cartridges, Live Rosin Badder, and infused prerolls. All .5g Live Rosin cartridges and select 1g live rosin badders are priced at a discounted $40.60, while 3-packs of Pakistani Chitral Kush Flower with Garlic Cookies Hash infused prerolls are 20% off. (Limit x2 products per customer). Details below.

Let us help you celebrate 406 Day with the best deals that are perfect for enjoying Montana’s special day!

Lemon Drip + Strawpaya Rosin Badder
Carts (Lifestyle) - Requested PHOTOS-158

In case you’re not aware, 406 Day is a special day celebrating Montana on April 6th, otherwise noted as 4/06. The date itself is a nod to Montana’s only area code, 406. We thought it would be cool to honor the day with some fantastic deals and our own clever reference to the 406.

On April 6th, Groove’s dispensary in Missoula will be offering several discounted products including Live Rosin Cartridges, Live Rosin Badder and infused prerolls.

Groove will be selling all .5g Live Rosin cartridges and select 1g live rosin badders at a discounted price of just $40.60! We think that’s an appropriate price given the holiday 🙂

Whether you’re a longtime fan of solventless products, or someone who wants to see what all the hype is about, now’s a great time to stock up and take advantage of these discounted prices. These are some of the best deals you can find for solventless rosin products in Missoula!

But for those who prefer classic cannabis flower, we have something for you too.

We’re offering a 20% discount on 3-packs of infused prerolls featuring Pakistani Chitral Kush Flower with Garlic Cookies Hash. These pre-rolls are perfect for those who want a convenient and easy-to-use product that delivers a potent and celebratory smoking experience.

Please note: each customer will be limited to two total products, and availability is limited. So, if you want to take advantage of this special promotion, it’s best to get down to Groove early to ensure that you don’t miss out.

Another quick note: although all cartridges will be available for the discount, only a select number of strains will be available for the rosin badder

Happy 406 Day and we’ll see you soon!

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