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February 16, 2024

Quick Rip: Groove’s premium cannabis flower is now available at Groove’s dispensaries in Downtown Missoula and Whitefish. Current available strains include RS11 (Rainbow Sherbet #11), Black Maple, Mac Daddy (all hybrids), and Tropicana Cherry (sativa) with many more to come! 


Buy Groove's Premium Marijuana in Missoula & Whitefish

Groove’s cannabis flower is back and better than ever! We’ve received constant feedback from customers asking us to start offering our own flower again and we’re very pleased to say that Groove flower is back in stock!

Among our newest strains available, we’re excited to introduce RS11 (Rainbow Sherbet #11), Black Maple, Mac Daddy (all hybrids), and Tropicana Cherry (sativa). Groove’s head grower is particularly excited about RS11, which “smokes very clean and has a true to the strain flavor profile – fruity with hints of sour citrus.”

Cultivating the Best Flower, Hash and Rosin in Montana

At Groove, we take pride in cultivating small batch premium flower that exceeds expectations.  These top-shelf buds are meticulously hand-picked from our indoor-grown plants, ensuring unparalleled quality and consistency. Groove’s grow facility near Glacier National Park is utilizing a state of the art fertigation room to ensure that each vegetation and flower room receives optimal nutrients to grow the absolute best cannabis plants. Pair that with the personal care, passion and expertise of Groove’s cultivators, and you end up with a superior product, whether that’s flower or solventless rosin oil.

We’re thrilled to reintroduce our rotating strain drops, carefully selected from our thoughtful genetic library. Leaning on our single-source philosophy, all of these strains coincide with our solventless production process, resulting in our signature hash products – from rosin cartridges to badder, infused prerolls, gummies, and Liquid Flower.

For connoisseurs, this means an unmatched opportunity to experience the full spectrum of Groove’s offerings. You can experience our premium flower AND the essence of the flower that’s captured in our solventless hash and rosin products – the terps, the flavor and full effects.

Given these are small batch offerings, this flower is only available while supply lasts, so don’t wait to get yours. Stop in to Groove’s dispensaries in Missoula or Whitefish ASAP to get your hands on this new flower!
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