the groove
disposable vape

on-the-go, strain-specific, portable disposable pen

groove disposable vape

the groove

flower-like effects, convenient consumption

groove cartridges

groove solventless
hash infused pre-roll

flower infused with live solventless bubble hash rolled in all natural tendu palm leaf

single infused preroll

on the good stuff

crafted with only ice, water, heat and pressure, 100 percent pure cannabis

groove rosin badder

premium solventless
cold-cured pressed hash

hand-pressed, cold-cured

groove bubble hash

10mg hash-infused
edible gummies

in partnership with High Road Edibles

edible gummies home page slider

find your groove

strain-specific products for an active, balanced, or relaxed lifestyle

groove product suite

No Solvents, No Chemicals

A natural cannabis experience extracted with only ice, heat and pressure

Convenient Consumption

Solventless products for an active lifestyle
convenient consumption groove pen

Flavorful, Terpene-Rich Genetics

In-house cultivation strains selected for maximum flavor and terpene enhancement
terpene-rich genetics

Flower-Like Effects

Extraction techniques designed to deliver a pure, flower-like experience
cannabis flower

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