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The premier Whitefish dispensary for solventless products.

Address: 130 Lupfer Ave, Whitefish, MT 59937
Phone: 406-730-2261
Hours: 11am – 7pm Everyday

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Groove Marijuana Dispensary Whitefish

Step into the Groove Solventless – the premier recreational dispensary in Whitefish for all things solventless and premium cannabis. We are located at 130 Lupfer Ave in the heart of downtown. Our Whitefish Dispensary is conveniently situated near Whitefish Mountain Resort and easily accessible from anywhere in Flathead County.  

Groove is the best cannabis dispensary in Whitefish for solventless products, and we are situated near all of our great city’s most popular attractions! Groove Solventless is located on Lupfer Ave between 1st and 2nd S, just north of Indah Sushi. We have plenty of free 2-hour street parking out front for your convenience.

Why Choose Groove Solventless’ Whitefish Marijuana Dispensary?

Groove is a unique cannabis dispensary in Whitefish in that we specialize in  solventless cannabis  products, while ensuring we have something for everyone. We take immense pride in our carefully curated selection of the best cannabis products  in Montana while also having  our own top-of-the-line in-house products.

Solventless, or ‘Solvent Free’, refers to the cleanest form of cannabis extraction currently known. By using only ice, water, heat and pressure, 100% of Groove Solventless products are made without ever touching a chemical.

solventless oil extraction

Why Solventless?

Most cannabis derived products are made with butane hash oil (BHO), or other inputs that have been extracted by using unwanted chemicals or solvents. These solvents can destroy the natural compounds, or ‘terpenes’, that make each cannabis strain unique.

By using only ice, water, heat, pressure during the extraction process, solventless products are made without ever touching a chemical. This process preserves the unique terpene profile of each strain, resulting in an end product that is true-to-the-plant, and 100% chemical free.

Why Groove?

Our clean extraction methods accentuate the flavor, aroma and effects of the individual strain genetics, creating a unique flavor-packed and terpene-rich consumption experience without using chemicals or additives.

The Groove Solventless Weed Cartridge product line available at select Montana weed dispensaries

Flavorful, Terpene-Rich Genetics

Our solventless process only utilizes premium flower exclusively grown in-house by the Groove cultivation team. The cultivation process starts with focused genetics, selecting cannabis strains that have a flavor-forward, terpene-rich flower profile.

Flower-Like Effects

Groove’s proprietary solventless extraction process carefully preserves all natural compounds of the plant, resulting in an effect that is as close to flower as you can get.

Convenient Consumption

Groove products are designed for quick and easy consumption so you’ll be ready to hit the trail, the dance floor, or whatever life brings you.

At Groove, we are proud to bring premium marijuana strains and products to the Whitefish community. Experience the pinnacle of quality with our 100% premium marijuana concentrates, crafted without the use of solvents or chemicals. Through our meticulous extraction techniques, we enhance the distinct flavors, captivating aromas, and potent effects derived from each strain’s genetic profile. This results in an unparalleled consumption experience, brimming with an abundance of flavors and terpenes, all achieved without the use of any chemicals or additives.

Our Whitefish Dispensary is special because we don’t just sell great weed, we grow it and produce the best cannabis products around! Grooves’ in-house brand, Groove Solventless, is proud to provide exceptional solventless products meticulously crafted to complement a health-conscious lifestyle.

Did you know that the majority of cannabis-derived products are typically manufactured using butane hash oil (BHO) or other methods involving unwanted chemicals and solvents? Unfortunately, these solvents have the potential to compromise the natural compounds known as ‘terpenes,’ which contribute to the distinctive characteristics of each cannabis strain.

In contrast, Groove’s solventless products are created exclusively using ice, water, heat, and pressure during the extraction process, ensuring zero chemical contact. This meticulous approach safeguards the authentic terpene profiles of each strain, resulting in a final product that remains true to the plant’s essence, completely devoid of any chemicals, and 100% pure.

Rec Weed in Whitefish: Easy In-Store Pickup

Discover an expansive selection of exceptional marijuana offerings on our comprehensive menu, which showcases top-tier solventless cannabis products and the best cannabis Montana has to offer. 

We have something for everyone at our Whitefish dispensary! When you visit our cannabis store, you’ll find an assortment of solventless options to explore, including a diverse range of flower strainshash rosin and concentrates, live-rosin carts and vapes, and flavorful edibles, including our new line of 10mg  solventless hash-rosin gummies.

Our cannabis product offerings include indica, sativa, and hybrid flower, concentrates, edibles, vapes, live rosin, hash, and an array of other options to cater to your preferences. We carry our in-house brand Groove Solventless as well as a premium selection of pure and potent weed products from brands such as Funk Farm, High Road Edibles, Wana, and more. 

For your convenience, we offer the option to pre-order and pick up your desired items in-store, at a time that works for you. Not sure what you want?  Come on in to Groove and meet with one of our friendly budtenders! They are always sure to have helpful personalized product suggestions to address your needs.

Join the Tasting Team at Groove Solventless

As Groove introduces a range of freshly cultivated strains, meticulously selected over the past several months, we value the input of our esteemed customers. That’s why we invite you to become a part of the Groove Entourage Tasting Team. This exclusive team comprises our most dedicated customers who offer valuable feedback on new strains and products. Your insights will play a crucial role in shaping our offerings, and we greatly appreciate your contribution.

Becoming a part of the Tasting Team is so easy! After enjoying one of Groove’s latest strains, such as Garlic Fumez, all you need to do is complete the form and share your thoughts on the strain. We value your opinion on various aspects, including the flavor profile and the effects you experienced. 

This is your chance to express your honest feedback, enabling us to enhance our offerings and deliver the most exceptional cannabis products that resonate with your preferences. Your input plays a vital role in shaping the future of Groove, and we appreciate your contribution towards creating the grooviest cannabis experience possible!

Local Whitefish Attractions

Whether you have plans in town or are seeking post-activity relaxation, Groove Solventless is the ideal Whitefish dispensary to visit.

Conveniently situated in downtown Whitefish, we offer easy access to numerous entertainment options. If you’re a skiing enthusiast, the renowned Whitefish Mountain Resort is just a short drive away from our Whitefish dispensary. We are the perfect place to pick up your rec weed in Whitefish before you hit the slopes.

Other local favorites are Spotted Bear Spirits, where their delightful tasting room awaits you every afternoon, as well as the vibrant Whitefish Downtown Farmers Market, which takes place every Tuesday throughout the summer season.

As fellow enthusiasts of live music, we highly recommend a visit to The Great Northern Bar & Grill, where you can indulge in delectable cuisine while enjoying exceptional entertainment. Prepare to treat your taste buds to delicious food and immerse yourself in an unforgettable musical experience!

Nature enthusiasts can easily reach Flathead National Forest, renowned for its exceptional campgrounds, as well as Whitefish Lake State Park, both just a short drive away. These two scenic destinations provide the perfect backdrop to enjoy your Groove Solventless purchases, surrounded by lush greenery and natural beauty.

If you still can’t get enough of Big Sky Country, stop by the Lodge at Whitefish Lake, a popular destination where you can rent a boat and immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery, just 1.5 miles away from Groove.

Whether you’re skiing, fishing, concert-going, or simply enjoying some people-watching in Whitefish, our discreet products from Groove Solventless will enhance your overall experience.

Visit Groove Solventless’ Whitefish Weed Dispensary Today!

For all your cannabis needs, Groove Solventless is the ultimate Whitefish Dispensary. We offer a wide range of premium solventless products, including specialty strains known for their purity and potency, an enticing selection of weed-infused edibles, top-notch cannabis concentrates, live rosin vapes and carts, various smoking accessories, and much more. 

Whether you prefer shopping in-store or ordering ahead, Groove Solventless is the unequivocal choice for recreational weed in Whitefish. Start exploring our weed offerings and shop now!

Areas our Whitefish Weed Dispensary Serves

How close is Majestic Valley Arena to Groove Whitefish dispensary?

Our Whitefish weed dispensary is less than 10 miles away from the Majestic Valley Area making Groove a stop you have to make before attending an event.

Where is a dispensary near Haymoon Resort?

For those looking for a dispensary near Haymoon Resort then make sure to come check us out at Groove! Our weed dispensary is only about 5 minutes away.

How far is your weed dispensary from the Skyles Trailhead?

The Groove weed dispensary is close to the Skyles Lake and Skyles Trailhead areas. Being less than 4 miles away makes Groove an easy stop before hitting the trails or lake.

Is your Whitefish dispensary near Spencer Lake?

Yes! Our weed dispensary is less than 5 miles away from Spencer Lake and North Spencer Mountain Trailhead.

I’m staying at the Montana Treehouse Resort. How far is your Whitefish dispensary?

Our cannabis dispensary is only 4.5 miles from the Montana Treehouse Resort. Make sure to stop by Groove, the best Whitefish dispensary when you get into town!

How far is your Whitefish dispensary from the Whitefish Lodge?

If you are looking for a dispensary near Whitefish Lodge then come check us out at Groove cannabis dispensary in Whitefish. We are less than 2 miles from the Whitefish Lodge!

“Since launching in 2021, the Missoula-based brand Groove Solventless has quickly become a ubiquitous name in Montana’s cannabis marketplace. It’s no wonder why: Their solventless vapes—containing whole plant fresh frozen live hash rosin—continuously hit home runs with robust flavor, uncommon genetics and on-point effects.”

Reviews for Groove Solventless Whitefish

We are proud of our 5-star customer reviews. Check out what some of our Groove customers have to say about us on Google!

What our customers say


Friendly people, good location, and the best quality and fair priced solventless rosin you’ll find in the state. Love the whole store setup and the hash bar! This is the new hot spot to shop, for sure.


“This is the only place in town that I’ve found that sells *solventless* badder, live rosin, etc., and even then, it’s some of the best priced stuff I’ve seen in the valley. Even after they switched to wholesaling their flower, the stuff they pick to sell is almost always a 10/10.”


“Great customer service and products. Very knowledgeable staff, and clean store. Would 100% recommend this store to anyone who loves good quality solventless cannabis products. So excited that there is a Groove store in the Flathead area now!.”


“I’ve bought their stuff from other shops in town, always a great pick. This spot has so many options to choose from. Stoked they opened a shop here & excited to try some of the things I haven’t seen at other shops!”


“Amazing solventless hash rosin products, strain selection and friendly staff. The retail space feels high-end with the solventless hash bar, my new favorite way to shop!


“This is the place to go to get the real deal solvent-less rosin. Knowledge staff and clean aesthetic makes this place a must visit for Whitefish.”

We are always striving to provide a premium customer experience. Have you visited Groove Solventless Whitefish?

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